An Acadian from a fishing family in Cape Breton. His first wife, who he was very close to, left the family for drugs and they later found out she had been abused as a child. She died in an epileptic fit. He is remarried to a woman who has helped bring up his two daughters.
One of his daughters went to crystal meth for two years. She is clean now and has two sons. The other daughter is working as he is, sandblasting pipes. He says companies keep you on with promise of work and when they don’t have it they punish you if you quit. He refuses to work at the foreman level, despite the extra money, because he would have to deal with workers who are irresponsible, and who know they would not get fired because the union protects them. “The unions do not pay attention, a mentally unstable guy disappeared and was found hitching down a heavy hauler road.”