An engineer up from BC starting over after two marriages and a loss of wealth through gas shares and the closure of the pulp and paper mill he ran. He taught men working for him at the mill how to darn their socks the way his mother had taught him. He shared the story of his childhood with his very up and very down mother and the crafts she taught them. He is writing a safety report that he will only sell to the oil company chapter by chapter so that he does not get ripped off and was paid $50,000 to come to Fort Mac and work. He shows me phone pictures of toppled cranes on sight and valves that are randomly shut leaving the potential of a very serious explosion. On his first day he was sprayed by benzene from an unreported leak. He has calculated 10-15 years to attain his ideal retirement. From a safety perspective I asked if the only bit of reclaimed land in the tar sands was safe and he said no, it is blistering up.