Describes his father as a violent alcoholic who worked in the oil sands. He himself got into drugs and alcohol at a young age and then had a near death experience when he put his arm through a glass window and fell through. He said he died three times in the ambulance and during surgery a man/ghost appeared and said it’s not your time.
Later in a time of crisis he was given a book of the Bahir faith from his future wife and realized the messenger had been the Bahir prophet. Now he has seven children; two are adopted from Malawi where his wife lived for three years working for the Bahir faith. His daughter is a medical researcher in Malawi for Aids and has also adopted two children there. The mother has home schooled all the children in Nova Scotia and he says all have genius IQ’s. He had a bad car accident that ruined his leg. Work is very painful and he looks forward to having his leg amputated. The pain is tangible in his face. He is full of pride for his family but is kept apart by his painful work in the camp. He is not in touch with his siblings or mother who, he says, keeps choosing abusive partners.